December 16: Skills Gap Crisis: From Students to the Unemployed to Current Workers

December 4: NY education, business leaders tackling skills gap


November 25: At Work: Manufacturing jobs returning to U.S.

November 24: At Work: Manufacturing jobs returning to U.S.

November 23: 'Hire Technology' gives kids head starton life in Indiana's biggest industries

November 21: Manufacturing coming back – but with very different jobs

November 20: Skills Don’t Pay the Bills

November 19: Manufacturing Skills Gap an Education, Branding Problem

November 18: Reshoring 101: Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing With Right Sizing

November 14: The Manufacturer's Agenda: Why We Need a Better Definition of 'Advanced Manufacturing'

November 12: Opportunities Emerge For Vets In Tough Job Market

November 11: Three million open jobs in U.S., but who's qualified (video)?

November 10: Beer Drinking Down After Manufacturing Job Cuts

November 10: How to Bridge the Hiring Gap

November 9: Made in USA: American manufacturers say business is booming (video)

November 9: Invest in Advanced Manufacturing — Building the Right Skills


October 31: Professional Certification From a Community College: A Solution for the Unemployed

October 24: Hiring Manager Say Skills Gap Is Widening

Ocotber 18: Helping Veterans Make the Transition to Civilian Careers(video)

Ocgober 15: U.S. manufacturing skills gap overstated, but recruitment needed

October 15: Manufacturers to train veterans for factory jobs

October 14: Manufacturing jobs go wanting as unemployment perseveres

October 12: Moment of truth approaching for U.S. manufacturers

October 11: Deloitte Study: Major Skills Gap Threatening Labor Recovery

October 9: Addressing Skills, Interest Deficit Key to 'Returning to Maximum Employment'

October 8: Technical Skills in Short Supply

October 8: Teaching for the Future: Closing jobs skills gap

October 7: Companies see skills gap in employees

October 5: Manufacturers speak out on America's skills gap

October 5: Manufacturers hiring, but job growth is slowing

October 1: The manufacturing recovery that wasn’t

October 1: US manufacturing grows for 1st time in 4 months

October 1: US manufacturers expand in September


September 26: Manufacturing pushes personal income up in Oklahoma

Septmeber 25: Area manufacturers say they need more skilled workers

Septmeber 25: Hershey Invests $300 Million In Future Of American Manufacturing… And Consumption

September 25: Foss Manufacturing to create 150 jobs, invest $15 million in Floyd County

September 21: Why manufacturing matters for America

September 21: Manufacturing Renaissance? Exports, Reshoring Could Bring 5M Jobs to U.S.

September 21: Manufacturing May Be Coming Back to the U.S., Long-Term

September 19: Does This School Have the Formula for Manufacturing Education?

September 19: Ohio Firm Hunts Workers to Make Top-Class Compressors: Jobs

September 19: Energy joins manufacturing on the hunt for skilled workers

September 14: Manufacturing outlook positive, but still faces challenges

September 14: U.S. Manufacturing’s Brave New World

September 9: New center aims to fill manufacturing skills gap

September 7: Decline in factory jobs clouds employment outlook

September 5: Manufacturing Shrinks, And So Do Stocks

September 4: Manufacturing: Not just a man's job

September 4: Manufacturing Revival Is Good Politics but Bad Policy


August 30: Skilled jobs in demand as manufacturing jobs go to China

August 28: 4 Key Roadblocks to US Manufacturing Competitiveness

August 28: Pa. manufacturers worry over labor shortage might be overstated

August 28: WV manufacturers have many challenges, opportunities

August 27: Education, Training Key to Governor’s Manufacturing ‘Renaissance’

August 22: America's Manufacturing Boom Could Be a Bust Without Right Education

August 12:Seven Reasons to Expect US Manufacturing Resurgence

August 12: Manufacturing Brings In County’s Highest Wages

August 12 Manufacturing is returning to America

August 9: Carmakers, Community Colleges Launch Curriculum For Skilled Workers

\August 9: Manufacturing hurt by shortage of quality applicants, CEO says

August 8: Toyota exec sees more manufacturing in N. America

August 8: The decline of US manufacturing jobs and living standards

August 8: Northeast Indiana: Hundreds of factory jobs go unfilled

August 8: Economy Generates 163K Jobs In Sign Of Resilience

August 7: Ford looks to standardize global manufacturing

August 7: RI, Conn. leaders: manufacturing key to growth

August 6: What Makes a Manufacturing Company Competitive? Labor Productivity

August 6: U.S. political gridlock stunts manufacturing

August 5: In Pursuit of Nissan, a Jobs Lesson for the Tech Industry?

August 4: Evolution of a Manufacturing Supply Chain

August 2: Why We Need To Rebuild The U.S. Manufacturing Sector

August 2: U.S. voters see manufacturing as economic priority

August 1: US manufacturing activity shrank in July for second straight month; hiring gauge drops

August 1: Companies add 163,000 jobs, but manufacturing falters


July 31: Weak Dollar Environment Affords U.S. Manufacturing Opportunity

July 31: Manufacturing boom: Trade school enrollment soars

July 29: Manufacturing Jobs: What Will It Really Take to Bring Them Back?

July 29: State manufacturers have jobs, need workers

July 29: Economist: Keep on manufacturing, Marion

July 28: Local manufacturers can't find skilled workers

July 27: Longaberger To Bring Manufacturing Back to US, Adding 500 Jobs

July 26: Jobless claims fall, manufacturing orders rise

July 23: Can the U.S. handle a manufacturing comeback?

July 21: A Nation That’s Losing Its Toolbox

July 20: In Columbus, VP Biden learns about engineered 'lasagna' at welding research unit

July 19: Manufacturers leery of losing breaks for tax rate cut

July 19: Panel defines strategy for U.S. advanced manufacturing

July 19: Energy, manufacturing fuel U.S. cities' economic growth: study

July 17: Industrial Production in U.S. Rises in Sign of Resilience

July 16: Manufacturing in New York Region Grew at a Faster Pace

July 15: Can Obama Finally Fix American Manufacturing?

July 14: Jackson's Academy for Manufacturing Careers named trailblazer by U.S. Secretary of Labor

July 14: Loss of American manufacturing jobs is now in the spotlight

July 13: Rep. Kinzinger Talks Manufacturing in Rockford

July 13: Starbucks Prepares to Manufacture More Products in US

July 13: Can Obama save manufacturing?

July 13: Obama’s jobs plan: Manufacturing

July 12: Manufacturing expansion brings new jobs to Scottsboro

July 12: Kansas manufacturing plant plans move to Riverside

July 11: Dems ramp up pressure on House Republicans to boost manufacturing

July 10: Manufacturer bringing 600 jobs to Stillwater

July 9: For Manufacturing Jobs, Workers Brush Up On Math

July 9: State manufacturing could be a boon

July 8: Manufacturing making slow resurgence in the suburbs

July 7: 10 Products Surprisingly Still Made In America: 24/7 Wall St.

July 7: Methuen box manufacturer looking to double its size

July 6: Reports show manufacturing activity slowing, sluggish job growth

July 6: Local manufacturer plans major expansion

July 6: Manufacturers struggle to fill jobs

July 6: Oregon's surprising manufacturing sector could be base for economic rebound

July 5: Greenville manufacturer to add nearly 280 jobs

July 2: Manufacturing shrinks, first time in nearly three years

July 2: Manufacturing slows in June, construction spending up in May


June 30: Annual Report | Manufacturing: Firms looking to hire skilled workers

June 30: Small and mid-sized manufacturers are finally borrowing again to buy new equipment

June 29: Bruce Trimble column: Today's manufacturing requires skilled workers

June 29: Second major manufacturer pulls out of new Tipton facility

June 28: Daytona Beach manufacturer considers major expansion

June 28; Health Care Ruling a Win for Obama — But a Blow to Manufacturers?

June 27: Google and others give manufacturing in the U.S. a try

June 25: Manufacturers: Defense Cuts Would Cost More Than 1 Million Jobs

June 24: Manufacturers rebound on Future 50

June 24: Manufacturing jobs a bright spot for state

June 23: Jobs go unfilled because workers lack needed skills

June 23: Windsor man brings some manufacturing for his ceramics back from …

June 21: Global manufacturers get the blues

June 19: Small, midsize suppliers to benefit from US manufacturing boom

June 18: Exports, manufacturing help bolster Illinois' economy

June 17: Manufacturing jobs rebound in Tulsa

June 17: Ind. manufacturing jobs rebound, but wages lower

June 13: Hopeful sign: Small manufacturers buy big machines

June 12: Vets Lost in Translation: From the Battlefield to the Office

June 11: U.S. manufacturing skills honed in order to fill jobs

June 11: Manufacturers expect innovation, collaboration to drive sustained growth

June 11: Manufacturing remains a powerful economic engine in Durham and San Jose

June 10: Supply Chain Visibility Is Seen as Key to Economic Recovery

June 9: Manufacturing leaders try to change perceptions

June 9: Mursix defying manufacturing downturn

June 6: Survey: 700 open manufacturing jobs in Dayton region

June 6: Manufacturing jobs out there, but qualified candidates lack

June 4:  Manufacturing Continues to Grow

June 4: Manufacturers turning to innovation and collaboration for survival

June 4: Manufacturing recovery stumbles as factory orders fall again

June 4: Manufacturing as Mass Employment Just Isn't Coming Back

June 3: President Announces Broad Effort to Ease Service Members’ Transition into Workforce

June 3: Buckley Brinkman column: Manufacturing has role in Wisconsin's future 

June 2: A Manufacturing Revolution for Dow Industrials

June 2: US Manufacturing Jobs Begin The Long March Back From China (And Elsewhere)

June 2: US factory activity grew more slowly in May

June 1: Ahead of the Bell: US manufacturing survey

June 1: Programs may help vets get civilian jobs

June 1: Obama Announces Military-to-Civilian Skills Certification Program

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May 31: President Obama Calls on Congress to Act on Veterans Job Corps in "To Do List" and Launches New Military Credentialing Initiative to Fill Workforce Needs

May 31: Commentary: Michigan still means manufacturing

May 31:Obama to announce 3 more veterans job programs

May 30: Did Americans give up on manufacturing? Unqualified workforce could put industry at risk, officials say

May 30: Apple wants U.S. manufacturing, but it ain't that easy 

May 30: For Connecticut Manufacturers, Conflicting Federal Issues

May 30: $26 Million In Prizes for Innovative Manufacturing Systems

May 29: Manufacturing makes a comeback in Conn.

May 29: Advanced Manufacturing Could Spark Next Industrial Revolution

May 29: Manufacturing Recovering, but Wages Lag Behind

May 29: Lowcountry ranks No. 1 for growth of manufacturing jobs

May 25: Where Obama, Romney Stand On Manufacturing

May 24: Manufacturing jobs loss to stop, says study

May 23: Rise of manufacturing bodes well for Manatee County

May 23: Mohawk to expand Summerville manufacturing operations – adding 500 jobs

May 23: Re-Shoring: Manufacturers Make a U-Turn

May 22: US manufacturing comeback helping local businesses

May 22: Brooklyn Navy Yard Makes $46 Million Investment In Green Manufacturing Center …

May 22: Parts manufacturer expanding DeKalb County operations

May 22: Auburn pipe manufacturer to add production, jobs

May 22: Manufacturers fight to find workers, transform youth's perception

May 22: Hi-tech manufacturing plant coming to Queens

May 21: Manufacturer moving to West Chester (OH)

May 21: Manufacturing company moves to Butler County (OH)

May 21: Indiana Gained More Than 5000 Manufacturing Jobs Over Past Year

May 21: U.S. Manufacturers Optimistic About Growth

May 20: Rising From the Ashes: Small manufacturers build on expertise big factories left behind

May 18: Manufacturing must toot own horn

May 18: US manufacturing makes a comeback

May 18: Manufacturer expanding, moving jobs to Tech Town

May 18: Bet on US manufacturing for a rebound

May 18: Mid-America Science Park Offers No-Cost Manufacturing Certification

May 16: Mid-America Science Park ‘green’ manufacturing training

May 15: Certification Proponents Report Progress on Closing the Skills Gap

May 3: Manufacturing Institute helps increase credentialed workforce

May 2: Marion Technical Institute student earns CPT certification

May 2: Manufacturing Institute and Partners Increase Credentialed Workforce

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April 28: Road Ahead: The rising tide of the manufacturing industry has gotten Weld all fired up

April 26: New Supply Chain Certification from CSCMP supported by CHEP

April 19: U.S. Manufacturing, Defying Naysayers

April 15: Skill gap frustrating to employers and workers

April 9:  Frontline workers repping your brand need tech training

April 7:  ETAM Program Helps Develop New Talent for Manufacturers

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Mar 29: Batesville High To Test Drive Pilot Program

Mar 28: Accreditation Makes MSSC the "Gold Standard" for Industry-Recognized Nationally Portable Credentials

Mar 26: NJ's high-tech manufacturers have trouble finding workers who can do the job

Mar 23: Millions of new jobs in store for US manufacturing sector

Mar 19: Manufacturers say region faces educational challenges

Mar 16: Jennifer McNally Named President of The Manufacturing Institute

Mar 15: Providing 21st-Century Skills for 21st-Century Manufacturing

Mar 14: Nine Months in Trade School. Job Guaranteed.

Mar 13: Manufacturing Jobs Up, State Unemployment Down

Mar 5:   Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certification

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Feb 27:  $100K Manufacturing Jobs

Feb 23:  States to Manufacturers: We want you ASAP! 

Feb 21:  TMA MSSC Certification Courses Pay Dividends for Business Major

Feb 17:  Manufacturing exporting showing growth

Feb 9:    Changes in Metalworking Trades Mean Changes for Apprentice Training

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Jan 27:  TCC Celebrates Manufacturing Students' Success

Jan 25:  Obama's 'Blueprint for America' Bodes well for Ohio manufacturers

Jan 12:  The History of Factory Jobs in America, In One Town

Jan 4:    ANSI Accredits MSSC under Personnel Certification Accreditation Program

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