Individuals that receive the instructor training should have prior experience in some aspect of supply chain logistics, in industry and/or education and training. MSSC requires instructors to secure the full “MSSC-Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)” certification prior to enrolling in this training or immediately afterwards. An instructor is considered an “Authorized MSSC CLT Instructor” when he/she has: completed CLT Instructor Training and has successfully passed the CLA and CLT assessments. Please note, an Instructor is only authorized to instruct a course in which he/she has already passed the assessment. Once an authorized instructor, the instructor’s name and contact information will be listed on the MSSC web site under the CLT Instructor’s page.

Note: MSSC courses may NOT be purchased without the sale of at least one Instructor Training option.

Instructor Training (Online Delivery)

The Online Instructor Training is a self-guided tutorial which takes place in a virtual classroom where instructors learn how to use the CLT e-learning portal to instruct courses. Each instructor receives an instructor package which includes all the materials needed by an instructor:

  • An instructor manual and CD which includes electronic version of the manual; presentations for each chapter; sample classroom exercises for most chapters; information regarding ordering and program administration; FAQs and more
  • An APICS Dictionary
  • CLA Textbook (Supply Chain Logistics: Foundational Knowledge)
  • CLT Textbook (Supply Chain Logistics: Mid-Level Technical Knowledge)
  • 90 days student-level access to the e-learning materials
  • Unlimited Admin access to the e-learning portal
  • Registration and assessment fees waived ($140 value)

Note: Instructors are required to take the assessments within 90 days of completing their training to receive the fee waiver.

For more information or for pricing please contact