MSSC offers curriculum for both manufacturing and logistics.  Our online Courses offer flexible turn-key solutions for any organization including: high schools, community and technical colleges, universities, employers, workforce investment boards, private training companies and more.  

Our Courses for both CPT and CLT are delivered in an online format which allows a wide variety of delivery options to suit your organizations needs. Whether you need an intensive full-time study program for dislocated workers or the unemployed or a semester-long course to satisfy hourly requirements, MSSC provides you with tools that are versatile and effective to train students in the core competencies of our standards.  

MSSC offers the following Courses in a modular (35-45hr) format:

CPT Courses

CLT Courses


CLA – foundational level

Quality & Measurement*

CLT – mid-level technical

Processes & Production*


Maintenance Awareness*


Green Production


*Denotes Courses are available in modular and FastTrack formats.  FastTrack is a version of the Course specifically for incumbent or dislocated workers with previous manufacturing experience.  The Courses are condensed to 15-18 hours and do not include some of the more basic concepts covered in the standards. 

To learn more about each Course and their delivery options, check out our CPT and CLT Courses pages.

NOTE: MSSC Courses were developed in strict adherence to the industry-recognized, nationally validated standards upon which the Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) are based. These Courses have a proven track record of success in teaching the knowledge and skills identified in the national standards. MSSC Courses are highly interactive and utilize state-of-the-art, computer-based, simulation e-learning technologies and are delivered by MSSC-Authorized Instructors.  MSSC does not review or endorse any other courses or curricula. MSSC does not require that individuals take MSSC Courses or any other MSSC-related courses before taking an MSSC Assessment .