In order to be listed as an MSSC-authorize instructor, one must attend in-person instructor training OR purchase an instructor package and attend the 3-hour webinar, and obtain the certificate for the program to be instructed. Instructors who attend training or purchase the instructor package and attend the 3-hour will be listed as authorized to teach only those courses for which they have passed an assessment (CPT: Safety, Quality, Process & Production, Maintenance and Green).  

Click this link for a list of the Authorized CPT instructors: Authorized CPT Instructors

CPT Master Trainer

Randal Saathoff

By working as a subject matter expert with MSSC starting in 2004, Randal have seen the organization go from the planning stages to  what is today.  As a CPT Master Trainer for MSSC, he train instructors to deliver MSSC training material to students. This blended learning approach to training engages the student, which prepares them to pass the MSSC CPT assessments.  The MSSC CPT Certifications provide foundational skills and knowledge to work in today's high performance manufacturing.  As a certified automobile nut and enthusiast, he was involved in the auto industry for over 30 years as an Internal Training Consultant with General Motors where he did course design and development.  He also worked in quality control as a Quality Coordinator and Internal Auditor; it is in those roles that became an expert in ISO-9000 Quality Standards.  As a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker, he gained extensive knowledge of tooling and manufacturing processes throughout the industry.