CPT Employers Outreach Tool Kit

CPT Employers Outreach Tool Kit Intro

Cover letter that can be used to explain to new employers the purpose and content of the documents related to CPT program.


Overview of the CPT Certification System. Also includes the CPT Standards Key Activities.


This document helps employers identify several no-cost/low-cost ways in which they can join with MSSC and local training providers to develop the local and regional material handling and distribution supply chain workforce.


Both the National Association of Manufacturers and MSSC conducted surveys with employers.  This document contains a summary of the survey results. 


MSSC has case studies with real world examples of how MSSC programs have helped companies save time and money.


Available also in PowerPoint for you to use in presentations of your own, this is a basic presentation MSSC gives to its stakeholders.


MSSC offers a “Diagnostic Tool for Employers” enabling a company to benchmark its material handling and distribution workers against national averages on the Key Work Activities within each of the standards-based MSSC CLA and CLT Assessments. Due to legal requirements to protect the scores of individual workers, MSSC prepares this report on the basis of 10 or more workers per modular assessment. This tool is an authoritative, independent reference point for a company to determine the skills and knowledge strengths and weaknesses of its workforce in the core competencies of production and to set training priorities.


Testimonials gathered by the Engineering Technology & Advanced Manufacturing (ETAM) Initiative at Polk State College, State College Of Florida & Tallahassee Community College. July 2013.


Demo of the CPT interactive computer-based training content which addresses and teaches individuals the Occupational and Technical Skills in MSSC CPT Standards.

Industry References

Many companies have used MSSC training and credentialing either for their current employees or in their hiring process. These references are available upon request.