MSSC certifications validate the core competencies of new-hires and can also be used to improve and sharpen the skills of existing employees to meet the changing demands of new technologies, new processes and the global market. Employers who have used MSSC as a hiring tool (added MSSC certifications to their hiring practices) have seen reduced turnover, improved teamwork and lower recruitment costs. Employers that use MSSC to amplify the training of existing employees can expect a more agile and productive workforce with a broader understanding of manufacturing and logistics.

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"Bilstein was one of the early advocates of the MSSC CPT certification because these candidates are familiar with key manufacturing concepts like safety and quality before they walk through our door.  That allows them to be more productive sooner than individuals who do not have the CPT.  Our confidence in the CPT certification is such that we offer a premium-starting wage for new employees who have that certification.  I encourage all manufacturers to learn about the MSSC CPT and consider how it might reduce your recruiting and turnover costs."

Tom Barnes, HR Manager for ThyssenKrupp Bilstein, explains the value of MSSC to ThyssenKrupp Bilstein.

"With CLT certified workers, we've seen significant decrease in turnover and increased worker engagement in process improvements."

Renae Reed, Genco ATC

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