Whether you are an incumbent worker, a career changer, new to the workforce or a student, MSSC credentials will help you document your skills with a national certificate recognized by industry.  MSSC is the only national certifying body in manufacutring and logistics whose certifications (CPT and CLT) have been accredited by the American National Standards Insitute (ANSI) under ISO 17024.  CPT and CLT crendentials help you show employers that you are serious about employment and that you have developed your skills in their industry.

Additional benefits to students and workers include: 

  • Offers the only nationally portable, industry recognized skill certifications for front-line production workers (entry-level through first line of supervision) in all sectors of manufacturing and front-line material handling workers throughout supply chain logistics
  • Improves career advancement opportunities and earnings by obtaining high-performance skills through MSSC training
  • Improves job security through documented certification of proven skill sets
  • Credentials foundational skills and core competencies needed to be an easily trainable, flexible worker able to keep pace with technological changes.
  • Has the potential to improve prospects for hiring, advancement and benefits