Kathryn Clayton, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Labor Institute for Training

Dr. John Foster, President and CEO, National Occupational Competencies Testing Institute (NOCTI)

Michael Gritton, Executive Director, Kentuckiana Works

Steve Harrington, Vice President, Distribution Management Association of Southern California, and Industry Liaison, National Center for Supply Chain Logistics Education

Dr. Clyde Hornberger, Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Technical Institute (ret.), Consultant

Kevin E. Houchin, Esq., National Programs, ACT

Pat Lane, Chairman, Community Learning Center

Sherry Kelley Marshall, EO/President, Southwestern OH Regional Workforce Investment Board

Craig McAtee, Executive Director, National Coalition of Advanced Tech Centers

Tiffany Melvin, Executive Director, NASCO – North American Strategy for Competitiveness

Jim Nelson, Vice President, Communications, Illinois Manufacturers Association

Paul Perkins, President, Amatrol Inc.

Dr. Annette Parker, President, South Central College, MN

David Setzer, Executive Director, Workforce Solutions North Central Texas

Robert J. Stewart, Jr., President and CEO, The Quality Group

Troy Vaughan, Vice Chancellor, Tarrant County College

Brent Weil, Senior Vice President, The Manufacturing Institute, National Association of Manufacturers

David Wilcox, President, Global Skills Exchange, Inc.