MSSC General Employers Outreach Tool Kit

In order to better communicate the value of MSSC, the below General Employers Outreach Tool Kit documents for download are intended for MSSC assessment and training centers to provide employers with documents that apply to MSSC’s broader initiatives. Information on both its CPT and CLT certification systems with summary of standards, current infrastructure, how employers can use MSSC, and sample presentations MSSC centers can use for employer presentations.  Click on each title to download the document.

MSSC Employers Outreach Tool Kit Intro

Cover letter that can be used to explain to new employers the purpose and content of the documents related to MSSC.

MSSC Overview with CPT and CLT Key Activities

A brief but comprehensive summary of MSSC, explains the rigor behind the development and maintenance of our standards and includes a list of the key activities covered by each certification. 

MSSC Infrastructure

Current MSSC national infrastructure.

Programs for the Military

Current status of MSSC Active Duty and Veterans programs with the White House, Department of Defense, Armed Services, Employer Community, & Veterans Administration.

How Employers Use MSSC

This document helps employers identify several no-cost/low-cost ways in which they can join with MSSC and a local training provider to develop the local and regional workforce.

How to Engage Manufacturers Effectively

This is a presentation that Jim Nelson, VP of Illinois Manufacturers Association, put together for our community colleges to show them how to attract industry successfully and create new relationships with companies in their communities. Click here to watch the video of this webinar.

College Credit for MSSC Courses

MSSC Courses have earned a college credit recommendation from the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) for all modules in the Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) programs.

NAM-Endorsed Skill Certification System

MSSC is a founding member of the NAM-endorsed Skills Certification System which helps employers, employees, educators and students to identify the top certifying bodies in manufacturing. it is based upon stackable credentials with MSSC as the foundational level in both manufacturing and logistics.

ROI Data: Results from MSSC’s most recent ROI Survey

Both the National Association of Manufacturers and MSSC conducted surveys with employers.  This document contains a summary of the survey results. 

MSSC Basic Presentation

Short Overview Presentation on MSSC.

MSSC Long Presentation

Longer more in depth presentation of MSSC.

M&L Occupations

List of production and logistics occupations MSSC collated from the BLS, "National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates", in May 2011.

MSSC Trifold Brochure


Industry References

Many companies have used MSSC training and credentialing either for their current employees or in their hiring process. We have references for both CPT and CLT available upon request.