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November 4: 5 Manufacturing Trends Shaping The Future Of Small Businesses


October 29: Amid Anticipated Skills Shortages, Half of U.S. Businesses Plan to Increase their Investment in Training in the Next Two Years, Accenture Research Finds

October 28: Job Seekers are Out of Sync with Hiring Managers

October 23: Job skills gap widens at high cost to U.S. economy.

October 16: Manufacturing the Future: Driving Growth Through Advanced Manufacturing

October 16: Who is willing to train tomorrow's American workers?

October 14: Get Skills to Work Coalition Announces Partnership with Manpower in Conjunction with One-Year Anniversary

October 8: U.S. Adults Fare Poorly in a Study of Skills

October 6: ‘Mini-renaissance’ in manufacturing helps fuel demand for skilled workers

October 4: Building a Country That Builds Things

October 3: Manufacturing Leaders Launch Task Force to Tackle Workforce and Competitiveness Issues

October 2: ADP National Employment Report Shows 166,000 Jobs Added in September 


September 20: The Coming Rise Of Women In Manufacturing

September 13: The Rebalancing of the World’s Manufacturing Sector

September 10: Manufacturing Employment

September 4: Sen. Stabenow Introduces Federal Bill to Help 'Skills Gap'


August 19:  Report: U.S. manufacturing to add millions of jobs by 2020

August 10: 10 states where manufacturing still matters

August 8: College Graduate Supply and Demand

August 2: Manufacturers Add 6,000 Workers in July, Ending Four Months of Declines 

August 1: Manufacturing in U.S. Accelerates More Than Forecast


July 24: Manufacturing: A Pathway to Prosperity

July 21: Made in the USA: Bringing Manufacturing back to America

July 19: No More Detroits

July 15: Seeking a Shortcut to a Job:Students Opt for Certificates Over Degrees; Quick and Cheap, but No Sure Thing

July 1: Labor Surplus, Labor Shortage, and the Skills Gap Between


June 28: The Dirty Job America Must Now Embrace — Closing the Skills Gap

June 25: Top US States for New Manufacturing Jobs

June 22: The road to building skills for the 21st century

June 19: Is There Really a Skills Gap?

June 11: Unemployed Workers Still Far Outnumber Job Openings in Every Major Sector

June 10: Forget Revolution. More Like Renovation.


May 22: Made in the USA back in style for some small businesses as reshoring brings manufacturing home

May 22: Manufacturing Can Help Save the Economy, If We Fix These 6 Gaps


April 23: New High School Pathways Emerging


April 16: Can Manufacturing Save Us From Job Polarization?

April 14: U.S. manufacturing resurgent, advocate says

April 13: PROMISES, PROMISES: Mixed prospects for Obama’s pledges on debt, growth and manufacturing

April 1: The State of the Supply Chain Labor Force


March 18: New workforce development program offers manufacturing training (Univision video)

March 18: New workforce development program offers manufacturing training (video)

March 18: Job training program designed to meet manufacturing needs (video)

March 15: Federal Initiatives to Support Reshoring

March 15: The Global Manufacturing Ecosystem, Techno-Nationalism, and Quicksourcing*

March 14: China Widens Lead as World’s Largest Manufacturer

March 13: US Manufacturing Workweek Reaches Highs Similar To Levels Seen During WWII

March 9: U.S. manufacturing jobs on the rise

March 8: The Global Manufacturer: Obama, NAM and the State of Manufacturing


February 27: Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Returning To America For The First Time In Decades

February 22:  Women Represent Untapped Resource for Manufacturing Industry

February 22: Bring Back Made In America

February 20: The Real Reason Why Washington Should Care About Manufacturing

February 20: Manufacturing Makes a Comeback, Obama Oddly Takes Credit

February 19: 5 myths about manufacturing jobs

February 19: Why Siemens is expanding U.S. manufacturing

February 18: A Growth Agenda: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America.

February 17: DoD to Support Advanced Manufacturing Projects

February 13: Closing the Skills Gap, Creating Opportunity: We Have a Way, But Do We Have the Will?

February 13: Key Policies to Boost Manufacturing: Establish U.S. Manufacturing Universities

February 13: Fact Sheet: The President’s Plan to Make America a Magnet for Jobs by Investing in Manufacturing

February 13: How to Revive U.S. Manufacturing

February 8: American Parents' Obsession With Status Is Keeping Kids Unemployed

February 8: Where is Manufacturing Making a Comeback?

February 8: US manufacturing is key to competitiveness

February 6: Women: an Untapped Resource in Manufacturing

February 5: How Alternative Education Can Help Bridge The Skills Gap

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