MSSC is committed to helping our customers partner with industry to ensure a pipeline of certified workers in manufacturing and logistics.  We have developed this Tool Kit to provide educational organizations with information that can be shared with employers to explain the value of MSSC credentials.  To find resources for program implementation click here.

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MSSC Overview

This document provides a brief but comprehensive summary of MSSC, explains the rigor behind the development and maintenance of our standards and includes a list of the key activies covered by each certification.  

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Video Overviews

MSSC and its vendors have developed some short videos that provide insight into our programs and include examples of the e-learning material.  

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There are several tri-fold brochures that summarize MSSC's certification systems.  

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Many companies have used MSSC training and credentialing either for their current employees or in their hiring process.  We have references for both CPT and CLT.  If you are working with an employer who would like to speak to one of these companies, please contact Neil Reddy.


In addition to business references mentioned above, MSSC has video testimonials with both employers and employees explaining the benefit of MSSC credentials in their company.  Click here to see the videos.


MSSC has authorized over 340 assessment centers in 36 states.  Our national and state fact sheets provide detailed information about MSSC activities nationwide.  Click here to learn more.  

ROI Data

MSSC regularly collects information from our community regarding the return on investment for employers.  

Case Studies

MSSC has case studies with real world examples of how MSSC programs have helped companies save time and money.  Click here to view the latest reports.  

NAM-Endorsed Skills Certification System

MSSC is a founding member of the NAM-endorsed Skills Certification System which helps employers, employees, educators and students to identify the top certifying bodies in manufacturing.  it is based upon stackable credentials with MSSC as the foundational level in both manufacturing and logistics.  Click here to learn more.