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College Credit

MSSC¬ģ Courses have earned a college credit recommendation from the¬†National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS)¬†for all modules in the Certified Production Technician (CPT)¬ģ 4.0 and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)¬ģ programs. The credits recommended are:¬†

Course Credit Course Credit
CPT Safety 3 CPT Maintenance Awareness 3
CPT Quality Practices & Measurement 3 CPT Green Production 2
CPT Processes & Production 3 CLA & CLT (combined) 4


Benefits for Students and Technicians

  • Over 1500 cooperating colleges and universities
  • Up to 12 hours of credit for full-CPT 4.0 and 4 hours for full-CLT
  • Dual credit potential for high school students
  • Applicable to all new candidates and to anyone who has earned an MSSC credential within the past five years
  • Opportunity to earn industry-recognized, nationally portable credentials and college credit
  • Opens doors for individuals who do not follow traditional education and career pathways
  • Many employers reimburse tuition costs if courses lead to college credit or degrees

How to Get Credit

Individuals who have earned an MSSC credential within the past five years can go to the NCCRS website and view the list of cooperating colleges and universities.  While the recommendation does not guarantee credit will be given, participating schools will consider offering college credit hours. 

Benefits for Training Providers

  • Because MSSC Courses are based upon nationally validated industry standards, CPT 4.0 and CLT are well suited to be the foundation of a manufacturing and/or logistics program or degree
  • Courses have a proven track record of success in teaching the knowledge and skills needed by today‚Äôs front-line technician
  • Attract more students, including high school and non-traditional students who may not otherwise consider attending college
  • Many recent federal funding opportunities include a requirement for industry-recognized credentials and/or college degrees ‚Äď offering credit for MSSC Courses and credentials helps you meet both requirements
  • Administrative costs for credit course are often much lower than non-credit courses
  • Credit courses are eligible for both Pell Grant and GI Bill Funding

How to Participate

MSSC encourages all of its college and university customers to incorporate MSSC Courses and credentials into their for-credit offerings.  Organizations interested in becoming an NCCRS Cooperating College or University should contact NCCRS directly.