Phone Number: (703) 739 9000 To call a specific party: Dial the main number and the extension

Executive Staff

Leo Reddy Chairman & CEO (703) 739-9000
Neil Reddy Executive Director x2221
Rebekah Hutton Vice President, Strategic Initiatives x2227



Senior Management

Dina Igoe Senior Marketing Manager x2226
Raquel Davila Senior Operations Manager x2223




Leslie Kruse Operations Coordinator- Contact for order & invoice questions x2224
Priscilla Owusu-Mensah Administrative Assistant-Contact for daily questions or assistance x2218
Lisa Seyfried Operations Coordinator-Contact for daily questions or assistance x2225




Catherine Feeney Community Outreach Manager-Contact if interested in joining MSSC x2222



Senior Advisors

LeeSa Page Senior Advisor, Kentucky (502) 612-8450
Bruce Dickson Senior Advisor (513) 292-6275
John Rauschenberger Senior Advisor, Chair, CSC (703)739-9000
Kathy Clayton Senior Advisor, MSSC Master Trainer (317) 409-3517




Cathy Metcalf Marketing Representative, Ohio (513) 476-3304
Jim Nelson Marketing Representative, Illinois (800) 875-4462 x3023