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“Workforce preparedness is one of the top three priorities of the President’s Manufacturing Council… MSSC represents a tipping point from the old image of manufacturing work towards the new future of knowledge workers.”  Fred Keller, CEO, Cascade Engineering

“My training experts at Harley have high regard for the MSSC®. We have already put more than 150 of our workers through MSSC assessments and are using those results to guide our training priorities. We offer tuition reimbursement for MSSC courses and take MSSC certification into account in hiring decisions.”  James McCaslin, Vice President and COO, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, WI

“At Sandia’s Advanced Manufacturing Center with 150 employees, we successfully used MSSC standards as the basis for defining the foundational skills of all six departments.”  Gil Herrera, Director, Manufacturing, Science & Technology, Sandia National Laboratories, NM

“If a potential employee said they were enrolled in the MSSC program, I would hire them on the spot.”  If they had passed the MSSC certification tests, I would look at bringing them in above our normal starting wage.”  Ron Brown, Production Mgr., Dickson’s Inc.

“Our challenge is to make certain that our workforce is prepared, ready and committed to life-long learning.  The MSSC can play a key role in achieving that goal.”  David Hollister, former Director, Department of Labor and Economic Growth, State of Michigan

“Multi-industry and multi-functional, the MSSC’s badge of certification of rigorous foundational skills is creating the industrial athlete of the future.” Mark Baker, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Steelcase, Inc.

“The depth of understanding displayed by MSSC-Certified Production Technician (CPT) ® is changing our workforce from a ‘show me what I need to do’ approach to actively applying problem solving and continuous improvement methods.” Jim Maley, Plant Training/Industrial Engineering Manager, Visteon

“The work of the MSSC is a first step in building a national strategy to revitalize manufacturing in America.”  Bob Baugh, Exec. Dir. AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council

“The use of MSSC assessments is one way to support employees especially since they can be used as both pre- and post-test measures…The MSSC system can be useful for employees in smaller companies where they often don’t have the tools to move up the ladder.”  James McGregor, President, Morgal Machine and Tool

“The Strategic Skills Initiative of Governor Daniels includes a goal of having 30% of high school and community college manufacturing majors MSSC certified within 10 years.”  Andrew Penca, Former Head, Department of Workforce Development, IN

“When we are weighing candidates for employment at Pratt & Whitney, the one who is credentialed as an MSSC Certified Production Technician will have an advantage.”  Leonard Salazar, Training Director, Pratt & Whitney, Burbank CA

“The flexibility offered by the MSSC-Certified Production Technician is precisely what our company needs.  We are diversifying our product mix and need to have a workforce able to adapt quickly to new production requirements.”  Mark Tyler, President, OEM Corporation

“MSSC is an excellent way to provide well rounded and much needed skills improvement.  In the future, we will give hiring preference to MSSC certified workers.  We strongly encourage workers to access the broad range of knowledge this program has to offer.”  Comptroller, National Technologies of Oak Creek, Wisconsin

“We believe this new MSSC certification program for production workers will help address the growing skills gap by making it clear to workers what skills they need to work in manufacturing, and at the same time enable manufacturers to identify applicants who have the requisite skills.”  Governor John Engler, former CEO, National Association of Manufacturers, DC

“I have set a goal, as part of my Grow Wisconsin – Next Steps plan for workforce and economic development, to have 40 percent of Wisconsin’s manufacturing workers certified through MSSC by 2016.”  Jim Doyle, former Governor, Wisconsin

“MSSC-certified workers can help Indiana to be more competitive in attracting high-wage/high-skilled jobs.  (MSSC’s) efforts in improving workplace safety and productivity are appreciated.”  Governor Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Indiana

“For a decade now, the MSSC has been moving toward its goal of creating certification system for the nation’s production workers.  The work of the MSSC is increasing the number of qualified candidates ready to join a workplace that is both safer and more productive.”  Governor Rick Perry, Texas


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