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The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), a 501(c)3 non-profit, is an industry-led, training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and material handling workers. The nationwide MSSC System, based upon industry-defined and federally-endorsed standards, offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills increasingly needed in the technology-intensive jobs of the 21st century. MSSC offers two certifications for this workforce: Certified Production Technician (CPT) & Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

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As the leading certifying body for the nation's front-line manufacturing production and supply chain logistics workers, MSSC's two certification programs allow students and workers to document their knowledge.

E-learning Courses

MSSC offers curriculum for both manufacturing and logistics. Our online Courses offer flexible turn-key solutions for any organization including: high schools, community and technical colleges, universities, employers, workforce investment boards, private training companies and more.

Instructor Training

MSSC requires organizations that wish to offer our courses to attend instructor training or purchase an instructor package.


Since 2012, MSSC has been working with the White House, Department of Defense, Army, Air Force and Marines on several credentialing initiatives for active duty, reserve and guard members. We also partner with several veterans' assistance programs to provide pathways to certification.


Manufacturing Leadership Council Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to MSSC Chair and CEO Leo Reddy

On June 14, the Manufacturing Leadership Council gave its coveted Lifetime Achievement Award to Leo Reddy at its Gala Awards Dinner in Huntington Beach CA. In introducing Leo, the Council commented, "Throughout his long and distinguished career, Leo Reddy has been an inspiring and continuous source of leadership, founding and growing institutions that continue to benefit the manufacturing industry while also serving his country with distinction."

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Response to President Trump: Use MSSC CPT to Ensure Success of Manufacturing Apprenticeships

In yesterday's White House Press Release on workforce development, the Trump administration underlined the value of apprenticeships in filling the skills gap. Through his Executive Order, Trump is " providing opportunity for Americans to gain skills needed to succeed and thrive as the economy grows." The President recognizes the value of skill-focused education and is taking steps to create more options for Americans by expanding apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships and improving job-training programs.

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Rationale for Making Career Readiness the Top Priority of American Education

To help implement career development as the first goal of American education, the U.S. needs to require all students to have a personalized career pathway plan by Grade 9 assisted by a new cohort of a National Career Development Association (NCDA)-credentialed Career Development Advisor (CDA) in every high school and a NCDA-credentialed Career Development Coordinator (CDC) in every county and state capital.

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