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COVID-19 MSSC Resources– Remote Training & Assessment Options for MSSC Centers, Instructors & Students

In order to best address the threat of the Coronavirus, and in keeping with Federal Agency attendance guidelines, the MSSC Headquarter office will be moving to a “Telework” platform, with all of our employees working remotely. For assistance and direct contact information of staff visit the “MSSC Team” page.

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About Us

Certifying over 95,000 candidates, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) ®, an industry-led 501(c)3 non-profit, is America's leader in training and certifying foundational technical competencies for front-line technicians for in-demand, higher wage, higher skill jobs in advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Technicians with MSSC Certifications are qualified for 11.3 million jobs in front-line production, material handling, and distribution. 84% of executives surveyed agree there is a talent shortage in U.S. manufacturing. MSSC is helping industry close that gap as they prepare to manufacture the future!

Our Services


The nationally portable and industry-recognized MSSC certification programs in advanced manufacturing, supply chain logistics, and forklift repair focus on core-competency standards identified by industry subject matter experts. Certifications include online and hands-on training programs.

Training Courses

MSSC offers courses which combines interactive, online training with instructor-led materials to help individuals learn the basic skills and knowledge required for advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics jobs that will prepare them for the certification and their career.

Instructor Training

MSSC requires schools & organizations that wish to offer our courses to attend instructor training or purchase an instructor package.

Hands-on Training

The hands-on training device, CPT+ Skill Boss, provides employers further proof of an individuals skill set by requiring successful demonstration of hands-on skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power, & mechanical systems.


MSSC partners with ProctorU to offer certification tests from home

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) has strengthened its capacity to offer a fully online learning and testing solution that will enable prospective certificants to secure the full suite of MSSC certifications.

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Solution to Greatest Challenge Facing E-Commerce Facilities: Acute Shortage of Automation Technicians

The accelerated use of automation technologies within the material handling industry underlines the need for a much larger pool of highly skilled supply chain automation technicians. In response to that need, Amatrol, the nation's leading manufacturer of industrial technician training equipment, and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) ®, the nation's leading certification body for front-line technicians in advanced manufacturing and logistics, have collaborated on a highly innovative solution.

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'Made in America' Needs an Industry 4.0 Skills Update

One of the president’s signature initiatives since the beginning of his administration has been his “Made in America” campaign to reshore U.S.-owned manufacturing and attract FDI (foreign direct investment) by foreign-owned firms. This campaign has helped accelerate both trends, reaching 180,000 manufacturing jobs reshored in 2017. This rate is far above previous years, but needs to increase another 100 to 200% to remove the U.S.’s lack of self-sufficiency in key product categories. We need a much stronger response from corporations that are still too obsessed with offshoring.

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