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Certification Scheme Committee

Certification Scheme Committee

MSSC’s® Certification Scheme Committee (CSC) and respective National Experts Panels (NEPs) for Production and Logistics are responsible for ensuring that the Certified Production Technician (CPT) ® 4.0 and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) ® programs adhere to ISO/IEC Standard 17024. The NEPs review the national standards and assessment annually to keep them current with industry best practice. The CSC determines the policies and procedures under which the certifications are administered and awarded.  

Qualifications: NEP and CSC members must have at least five years of direct industry or industrial training experience in manufacturing and/or logistics. The must have direct knowledge of the experience and qualifications for frontline technicians in their respective fields. Members may be specialist in more than one certification area (e.g., safety, quality control, production processes, transportation, etc.)

CSC Chairman

Dr. Katherine “Kitty” Manley

CSC Committee

Cicely F. Mitchell, Eaton Corporation

Daniel Wagner, North Central State College

Dr. Dean Bartles, Director, John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center, University of New Hampshire

J. Harvey Allen, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Lee Riley, AVX Corporation

Leonard Walsh, Goodwin College

Mary Batch, Assistant Manager, Human Resource Development, Toyota North America

Richard Hassler, Ed.D., Mahoning County Career and Technical Center

Richard Schabowski, Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership

Rocky Duplichan, Bossier Parish Community College

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