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Career Training for Veterans & Military Personnel

Since 2012, MSSC® has been working with the White House, Department of Defense, Army, Air Force, and Marines on several credentialing initiatives to support military personnel transitioning to life outside active duty. MSSC Certifications provide veterans and service members access to fulfilling and rewarding career pathways in advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics. View our monthly report for more information.

Certification Funding For Veterans

Service members have various funding options to select from when seeking to earn our certifications through our military program:

See other funding opportunities to provide career training for veterans here. 

Career Certifications Available for Veterans

We want to help military and ex-military personnel receive the support and training they need to transition into a successful career. Our courses give these individuals a competitive advantage when seeking manufacturing and supply chain jobs. Our certifications include:

Transitioning to a Successful Career

After completing your certification at one of our Military-Friendly Assessment Centers, you are ready for a successful career in manufacturing! Be sure to add your MSSC Certification to your resume when applying for jobs. 

“I truly believe this certification sets you above others and when searching for that employee to satisfy that logistic operation. You will choose the one with the knowledge and experience of the industry. I appreciated the learning objectives through both CLA and CLT.  I have a great knowledge of logistics, but these courses have expanded so much more awareness that benefits me. I have committed myself to this field, and I am confident with every step I make alongside MSSC will increase my career and overall capabilities.”- Aaron Vaughn, CLT Student, & US Army Active Duty Military

If you are an employer with open manufacturing jobs for veterans, we would love to connect you with those who have passed our certifications! Email us at

For information about our Military Program and career training for veterans, please email

Get Your Service Members Certified

How to Qualify as a “Military Friendly” Assessment Center

Many of our active duty military members upon transitioning into civilian life are seeking MSSC Authorized Assessment Center locations to take their assessments to earn our certifications. Help our nations service members today by becoming a “Military Friendly” MSSC Authorized Assessment Center!

  1. Become an MSSC Authorized Assessment Center & select “Military Friendly” in registration. To learn more about how to become a center, please contact
  2. If already an existing center, please reach out to our Military Department at the MSSC Headquarters
  3. MSSC asks that your center opens their doors to our military candidates, providing them assessment accommodations to be able to earn any of our certifications 
  4. Your site will be listed on the MSSC Authorized Assessment Center locations Map as a “Military Friendly” site so our military members will be able to locate and reach out to your facility to schedule a time to take an assessment


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