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Certified Forklift Technician (CFT)

Remote testing & training options now available for students & employees! Follow this link for more information.


The purpose of the Certified Forklift Technician (CFT)® program is to certify and recognize individuals who demonstrate core competencies involved in the maintenance, service, and repair of forklift vehicles. The CFT credential will give technical and community college students the tools to enter career pathways within the material handling industry.

The CFT program was created in partnership with the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) to provide skills to entry level forklift technicians, enhancing their performance in the world of material handling. The CFT prepares individuals to repair and maintain technical systems utilizing key engineering principles that underpin most forklift vehicles. Click to download a copy of the CFT Key Activities. 

The goal of the CFT certification program is to raise performance of forklift technicians both to assist individuals in finding higher paying jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce is skilled. This combination increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness. Learn more about the Forklift Technician career pathway in the video below!


To learn more about if the CFT is right for you, take a look!


Pre-Qualification Online Assessment

Individuals demonstrate their understanding of the core skills and knowledge through one assessment based upon MSSC’s industry-defined, nationally validated skill standards. Delivered online, this Pre-Qualification assessment contains 92 multiple-choice questions. Once the candidate has passed they earn a CFT Pre-Qualification Award and can then move on to the hands-on assessment to earn the Full CFT certification.

MSSC strongly recommends that individuals be at an 8th-grade math and 10th-grade reading level.

Hands-On Assessment

This performance-based hands-on assessment will be given at an authorized Forklift Dealership. Candidates will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the 20 key activities listed on the CFT Standards. To be connected to your local Forklift Dealership, please contact our offices.

For more information about MSSC’s policies on certification, please see our Certification Policies page.


MSSC has partnered with the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) and Amatrol, an independent training provider, to develop online interactive learning units for the CFT training program. Schools may choose to combine CFT with the Certified Logistics Technician certification program as part of a larger program of study. Since the demand for higher skilled technicians permeates the entire TDL industry, schools may also wish to offer CFT as part of a suite of “stackable” industry certifications within the framework of an innovative “supply chain logistics” or industrial maintenance curriculum. Follow the links for more information about the CFT courses and Instructor Training options.


With successful completion of the Full CFT training and certification program, the individual will receive via mail a silver embossed version of the nationally portable credential. Individuals will also be able to:

  • Download the CFT Certificate
  • Purchase a Small CFT Arm Patch
  • Download Key Work Activities document to share with employers

If you are a MSSC Center or a forklift dealer interested in having CFT certified applicants that has questions or steps on how to get started, please contact Catherine Feeney, Senior Marketing Manager, MSSC at or 703-739-9000 x2222