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Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation


The purpose of the MSSC Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA)™ program is to prepare technicians who install, operate, support, upgrade, and maintain the automated material handling equipment and systems which support the supply chain.

The CT-SCA program was developed through collaboration with the National Science Foundation-funded National Center for Supply Chain Automation (NCSCA), Material Handling Industry (MHI), Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), Amatrol, and NOCTI Business Solutions.

Online Training & Certifications

The CT-SCA is comprised of three prestigious separate certificates:

  • Certification in Equipment Maintenance
  • Certification in Equipment Repair
  • Certification in Network Repair

These certifications prepare students for lucrative career pathways within the logistics sector of industry. As with all of MSSC’s certifications, the CT-SCA can reduce recruitment and training costs and improve employee performance and retention at the same time making it ideal for both new and incumbent technicians.

Hands-On Training & Assessment Device- “Skill Boss-Logistics”

The “Skill Boss-Logistics” hands-on training and assessment device is compact and transportable, can fit easily into any training environment, is cost effective, and shows students a variety of situations that they will come across during their career. Built by Amatrol, Skill Boss-Logistics draws upon 100 skills from MSSC’s list of industry-defined and nationally validated CT-SCA Standards. CT-SCA certificants must use this device for the hands-on training and assessments needed to secure any MSSC CT-SCA Certification. Each training course consists of 200 hours.

CT-SCA Skill Boss Instructor Training

Upon the purchase of the Amatrol Skill Boss-Logistics Device your facility must select an individual to serve as your Authorized Instructor to instruct the CT-SCA program to students. The training is held at the Amatrol Headquarters, see training dates below:

December 13-17, 2021

January 24-28, 2022

March 28-April 1, 2022

May 23-27, 2022

August 22-26, 2022

October 24-28, 2022

December 12-16, 2022

For questions or to request a quote for the CT-SCA assessments and certifications, please contact Catherine Feeney, Senior Marketing Manager, MSSC at

To request a quote for CT-SCA courses, CT-SCA assessments, the Skill Boss-Logistics device, and instructor training, contact a MSSC Training Solution Provider (TSP) nearest you. To locate and contact the TSP for your state, visit the MSSC Team page.