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MSSC Certifications

As the leading certifying body for the nation’s front-line manufacturing production and supply chain logistics technicians, MSSC’s® certification programs allow students to endorse their expertise in these career paths. As the only certification organization in the industry accredited under ISO 17024, we also help provide employers with a pipeline of individuals with the core competencies of a highly skilled technician. MSSC’s certification programs include the following:

Why Choose MSSC Certification Programs?

MSSC’s certification programs are designed to equip students and employees with the core skills and competencies needed to be stand-out candidates to future employers. Employers can be confident in the industry-relevant knowledge and abilities of their employers who have passed our certification exams. Other key benefits of MSSC’s certification programs include: 

  • Availability nationwide
  • Nationally accredited
  • Federally recognized
  • Always up to date
  • Time and cost-effective for students
  • Articulates between high schools and colleges
  • Easily integrated into apprenticeship and internships
  • Customizable at the community level 
  • Improved employee performance and retention
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs

Certified Production Technician (CPT) ® 4.0

MSSC’s CPT 4.0 certification program evaluates individuals on four production technician certificate assessments: Safety, Quality Practices & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes & Production, and Maintenance Awareness. Candidates can also opt to take a fifth assessment, Green Production, but this section is not required for the full CPT certification. 

Learn more about the Certified Production Technician (CPT) ® 4.0 certification here. 

CPT+ Skill Boss

MSSC’s CPT+ Skill Boss program is a stackable credential for the CPT 4.0 certification program. This program centers around Amatrol’s Skill Boss, a hands-on training and assessment device that enhances the skills needed in a computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing workplace.


See the Skill Boss in action and learn more about this certification program here

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) 4.0 ®

MSSC’s Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) 4.0 ® certification programs provide individuals with the resources to increase their career opportunities as logistics technicians. The program consists of two parts: the Foundational-Level Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) ® Certificate and the Mid-Level Technical CLT Certification (CLT). 

Learn more about these assessments and their requirements here. 

Certified Forklift Technician (CFT)®

MSSC’s Certified Forklift Technician (CFT)® program equips individuals with the core competencies needed in the maintenance, service, and repair of forklift vehicles. Through this program, individuals will be able to find higher paying jobs in the materials handling industry as a certified forklift technician. 

See the assessments and training courses for the CFT program here!


Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA) & Skill Boss-Logistics™

MSSC’s Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA)™ program prepares technicians who install, operate, support, upgrade, and maintain the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain. This program has three separate certificates available


See the certificates and hands-on training opportunities here. 


Prepare for MSSC Certifications with Online Courses

All of MSSC’s industry-recognized certifications have corresponding eLearning courses to train students and employees on the core competencies reflected in the certification assessments. These courses are an optional preparation tool and not required prior to taking any certification exams. 


See Available Courses


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