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Leadership Council


Marilyn Barger, Senior Education Advisor, Florida Advanced Technician Education (FLATE) and FloridaMakes

Stephanie Borowski, President, GPS Education Partners

Madeline Burillo, President, Houston Community College System

Carolyn Lee, Executive Director, NAM Manufacturing Institute

Kathy Clayton, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Labor Institute for Training and Manager, MSSC CPT Instructor Training

Kelcey Woods-Nord, Apprenticeship & Internship Coordinator, South Central College

Penny Enroth, Chairman, Palmer Foundation

Anne Gielczyk, Vice President, NOCTI Business Solutions

Steve Harrington, Industry Liaison, National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education

Cindy Hill, Ph.D., Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, ACT

Sherman Johnson, Executive Director-Offender Employment Development, Indiana Department of Corrections

Pat Lane, Chairman & Angela Traiforos, Executive Director, Community Learning Center, Dallas

Chelle Travis, Executive Director, SkillsUSA

Jeff Lynn, President, Central Alabama Community College 

Tiffany Melvin, J.D. North American Strategy for Competitiveness

Harry Moser, Founder & President, Reshoring Initiative

Paul Perkins, President and CEO, Amatrol, Inc.

David Setzer, Executive Director, Workforce Solutions North Central Texas

Rob Stewart, President & CEO, OpusWorks®, by The Quality Group

Roger Tadajewski, Executive Director, NC3

Dave Wilcox, CEO, Global Skills X-Change