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2017 Standards


In 1997, MSSC won a national competition under the National Skill Standards Act to serve as the industry-led non-profit responsible for developing the national industry standards for front-line production work (entry-level up to first-line supervisory) in advanced manufacturing.  Those “Production Standards” are the substantive foundation for the nationwide MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) training and credentialing program.  

In 2007, MSSC won a further federal grant to develop analogous industry-led standards, called “Logistics Standards,” for front-line work in material handling and distribution.  Those standards provided the substantive foundation for the nationwide MSSC Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) training and credentialing program.   MSSC reviews both sets of standards annually to ensure that they are keeping pace with technological change. 

MSSC Standards are organized around critical work function modules.  In the Production Standards, those modules are Safety, Quality Practices & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, Maintenance Awareness, and Green Production.  In the Logistics Standards, those modules are Foundational-Level and Mid-Level Technical.

Each set of standards is then organized under two headings broadly applicable to the entire sector:

Work Standards:  Key Activities and Related Performance Indicators.  These define the work the individual needs to perform to meet each industry-defined standard.

Worker Standards:  Basic Technical Core Competencies.  These define the knowledge and skills needed to perform the work listed in the Work Standards.

To download the full 22-page Production Standards and/or 11-page Logistics Standards, please follow this link. Once you fill out the form a MSSC staff member will e-mail you the Standards within 24 hours.