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CPT+ Skill Boss

Hands-On Production Training with Amatrol’s CPT+ Skill Boss

Built upon MSSC’s well-established Certified Production Technician (CPT) ®, the CPT+ Skill Boss program is designed to prepare certificants with the next generation skills to work in a computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing workplace.

The centerpiece of this new program is a transformational hands-on training and assessment device, invented by Amatrol, that enables MSSC® to offer hands-on training and assessment as an enhancement to its signature CPT 4.0 training and certification system. Amatrol’s Skill Boss is a computer-controlled machine that performs a wide variety of functions aligned with 55+ skills drawn from the MSSC’s National Production Standards.  

As shown in the Skill Boss Brochure, the Skill Boss device is portable, compact, and classroom friendly. Together with its associated programmable logic controller (PLC), Skill Boss fits comfortably on a standard 3’x 6′ table. It is strongly built with industrial grade components to withstand heavy use. Additionally, it is designed to cover many of the core technical competencies related to advanced manufacturing discrete parts and process manufacturing. 

Amatrol’s Skill Boss’ colorful and multifacted design will engage students to a greater degree and can encourage them to enter a career pathway in advanced manufacturing. Since it is cost-effective, Amatrol’s Skill Boss will enable many more schools who cannot afford a costly lab or tech center, to offer hands-on production training and testing.

Watch the video below to see how the Skill Boss functions!

“As an instructor, having Skill Boss will provide me with a functional hands-on teaching and testing tool that will allow my students to learn and demonstrate the valuable skills and concepts of the MSSC CPT 4.0 program.” 

-Victor Burgos, Master Trainer, MSSC

What are the Benefits in Utilizing Amatrol’s Skill Boss?

  • Allows for documentation of 55+ “Hands-on” Skills from MSSC National Standards
  • Affordable for lower rural and urban income regions
  • Trains and assesses hands-on skills for all sectors of manufacturing
  • Increases employer confidence in their workforce and apprenticeship investment by requiring evidence of hands-on skills
  • Strong training and assessment tool also for incumbent workers
  • Interactive with CPT 4.0 virtual 3-D simulation learning
  • Offers students and technicians a robust introduction to mechatronics
  • Increases incentive to earn the full CPT 4.0
  • Appeals to tactile learners through dynamic learning experience

How the Skill Boss Works Alongside MSSC’s CPT 4.0 Program

The current MSSC CPT 4.0 program remains in full force as a highly successful program for training and certifying individuals with the core technical competencies needed to enter front-line production jobs in all manufacturing sectors. There is no requirement that education and training institutions offering CPT 4.0 will need to purchase a Skill Boss trainer. There will also be no change in the credentialing documentation that MSSC provides for successful completion of CPT 4.0 Modules.

CPT+ is a “stackable” credential and individuals seeking a CPT+ credential must pass the current multiple-choice assessments for all four CPT Modules: Safety, Quality Practices & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes & Production, and Maintenance Awareness.

See available courses for the CPT 4.0 program here!

CPT+ Credentialing

MSSC CPT+ Skill Boss trained Instructors will issue a “MSSC Transcript” to students who satisfactorily complete hands-on training for each of the four CPT 4.0 Modules. MSSC also offers the 4 individual hands-on assessments candidates need to pass to earn the Full CPT+ Certification.  

CPT+ Instructor Training and Assessment

Only MSSC Training Solution Providers are authorized to sell the Skill Boss training device and will be responsible for demonstrating Skill Boss to CPT 4.0 Instructors, for invoicing and collections, and for customer service questions related to Skill Boss. Assessment related questions and orders will be done through the MSSC Headquarter office.

MSSC strongly encourages its interested community members currently and/or previously offering CPT 4.0, to order the new CPT+ Skill Boss Assessment device.  Please contact your local MSSC Training Solution Provider for more information on placing your order. For more information about CPT+ Instructor Training follow this link.