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Appeals & Complaints

Right to Appeal

Candidates for the MSSC® Certification programs have the right to file an appeal on matters relating to their application, assessment, certification, annual renewal, recertification or other matters affecting their status as a Candidate or Certificant. There are generally two types of appeals, an administrative appeal and a personal appeal.

Administrative Appeal

Candidates for the certification programs who allege inappropriate administration procedures, severe environmental assessment conditions, or for other reason challenge results of an assessment have the right to file an administrative appeal in accordance with the appeal procedures.

Certificants who believe they were unjustly denied recertification, placed on “inactive” status incorrectly, or for other reasons have the right to an administrative appeal in accordance with the appeal procedures.

Appeal Procedures

All such appeals must be filed in the office set out below within the earlier of 30 days of the assessment or notice of non-certification or recertification. The appeal fee is $50. The fee will be refunded to the candidate if the Appeals and Complaint Committee (ACC) resolves the appeal in favor of the Candidate or Certificant. 

Each appeal must include a statement submitted in writing or via email of no more than five typed pages setting out the basis of the appeal, including information as specific as the Candidate feels necessary why he or she is entitled to the relief requested.

The ACC will consider each such written statement. The ACC is entitled to seek further information from the applicant or any other person, organization or office that it feels appropriate and review any materials that it feels appropriate to determine the appeal. The ACC will determine the appeal and respond to the applicant.

Appeals will be resolved within 90 days of submission. The Appeal and Complaint Committee reserves the right to waive or extend any time period set out in the procedure, or modify any process as it deems appropriate to properly determine any appeal. All steps of the appeals and complaint process will take place in writing unless otherwise determined by the ACC.

Submit all Appeals along with the $50 fee to:

MSSC Certification Department
901 N. Washington St., Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314

Personal Appeal

Candidates and Certificants dissatisfied with the actions of the ACC have the right to a Personal Appeal with the MSSC Board.  A Personal Appeal must be submitted in writing and sent to the above address. A meeting of the Board will be set up within 180 days of receipt of the Personal Appeal. ACC members are recused from the Personal Appeal process. Any action taken by a majority of a quorum of the Board pursuant to such appeal shall be final. The Board decision shall be sent to the person submitting the appeal within ninety (90) days of the decision of the Board.



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