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Credly Digital Badges

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) has partnered with Credly, the largest online network and delivery platform of digital badges. Credly collaborates with top global training providers, credential issuers, associations and academic institutions that are similarly focused on the power of verified skills. 

The MSSC has created electronic badges for all our credentials so certificants can directly access, control and share their verified credentials in both electronic and print format. With one click, our certificants can print their personalized credential, suitable for framing or sharing with an employer.  With their verified credential in digital form, certificants now have many new ways to efficiently and securely share this record of their knowledge and skills with current or prospective employers, academic institutions and others. From key social media channels, to direct sharing via email, to the ability to embed a secure link to their MSSC certification in online job applications, MSSC certificants have many more tools to disclose their credential and be discovered by employers. 

We strongly urge you to share with your academic/instructor community the enormous benefits to their students to accept their badge and “OPT-IN” to the Credly/MSSC platform. Follow this link to learn more about how MSSC Certificants can “OPT-IN.” 

Certificant Benefits:

  • Match their skills to job opportunities with employers anywhere in their community, state, or countrywide; Search, access and apply to those relevant job postings pulled from specific employer sites and major job aggregator sites, i.e., Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.
  • Have direct access and control to share credentialed skills easily with employers through multiple delivery modes, i.e., e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Allow for employers to view their skills, competencies and knowledge earned with and verified by MSSC.

Employer Benefits:

  • Once registered on Credly (no charge) employers can search for highly skilled, verified MSSC certificants anywhere in the country. This provides a huge cost and time savings for recruitment.
  • Allow HR departments and employers immediate confirmation that incumbent workers are earning and documenting skills they need and to find MSSC certificants based on skills, competencies, and knowledge.
  • Validate skills immediately by verifying badges/credentials.

Secondary, Post-secondary, Training Organization Benefits:

  • Provide excellent job placement opportunities for their students; Enable your students to connect with employers, apply for open positions, and document their skills through digital badging.
  • Show local and statewide employers they are building a pipeline of skilled workers.
  • Build better local industry/employer partnerships for pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, and internship programs.
  • Increase local and statewide employer recognition of your credentialed programs and talent pipeline of skilled workers.
  • Provide MSSC Certificants a clear pathway to future employment.

The benefits are endless for certificants, employers, and academia with MSSC digital badges!

To learn more about how to claim your MSSC digital badge as a MSSC certificant or how to sign up as an employer to seek out qualified candidates for your open positions contact