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Proctor Training


MSSC proctor training is provided via teleconference and internet in a “webinar” format by our MSSC-authorized assessment vendor, NOCTI/The Whitener Group. Attendance by the coordinator is required before a center can complete certification. Attendance by proctors is mandatory to be able to proctor MSSC assessments. Each proctor/coordinator must register and be present for the webinar to receive credit for attendance. Sessions can be attended as a group, however, each individual must make themselves known to the presenter so that they can be marked as present. Sessions are provided two Tuesdays every month and last approximately two hours. Coordinators and proctors will be sent the MSSC Coordinator and Proctor guide for review prior to attending the session. A Certificate of Completion will be given by NOCTI/The Whitener Group to each individual after attending the session.

Proctor training is to be attended only by individuals who have registered and paid to become an MSSC Assessment Center. Proctor training is included in the cost of registering as an MSSC assessment center.

NOTE: Site Coordinators/Proctors CANNOT BE Instructors, Teachers, Subject Matter Experts or anyone who has access to course material relevant to MSSC Courses.  Site Coordinator, Assessors and/or proctors are PROHIBITED from taking MSSC Assessments. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Violations of this policy may result in fines and/or revocation of assessment center authorization

Register for Proctor Training:

Online Proctor Training

Paper and Pencil Training

Note: You must attend one or both of the sessions (paper and pencil or online proctor training) depending on the assessment type you intend on making available at your testing center.