As the leading certifying body for the nation's front-line manufacturing production and supply chain logistics workers, MSSC's two certification programs allow students and workers to document their knowledge. As the only certification organization in the industry accredited by ANSI under ISO 17024, we also help provide employers with a pipeline of individuals with the core competencies of highly skilled industrial athletes of the future. MSSC has two certification programs:

The Certified Production Technician (CPTAE) program is for front-line manufacturing and includes five assessments: Safety; Quality & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes and Production; Maintenance Awareness; and Green Production.  Individuals earn one certificate for each assessment passed.  Individuals who earn the first four certificates (not including Green) will receive a full-CPTAE certification.  Note: At this time, due to the emerging nature of Green Production, it is not required for full-CPTAE.  For more information, please visit our Production Certification page.

The Certified Logistics Technician (CLTAE) program is for front-line material handling and includes two assessments: foundational level Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and mid-level CLT.  CLA is a prerequisite for CLTAE.  For more information, please visit our Logistics Certification page.