CPT Instructor Training Schedule 2015

MSSC provides an intensive, three-day course to certify teachers and instructors on ways to teach MSSC CPT courses in different learning environments. An “Instructors Package” (a $1500 value) is provided to each individual enrolled in this three-day course.

This Instructor’s Package includes all materials needed by an instructor or teacher: PowerPoint presentations, facilitator notes, visuals, play maps, unit completion times, optional delivery methods, math problems and answers, and instructions on assisting students with the MSSC online course material. Instructor trainees will also be provided with 180 days of online access to the computer-based training material.

Please contact Catherine Feeney with any questions you may have.

For attending the three-day training, instructors will be listed as “authorized” instructors on the MSSC website. Instructors will be kept on this list as “authorized” to instruct in the module areas in which they pass an assessment.

2015 Monthly Training Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: In-person training orders must be placed at least one month prior to the training date. If there are not at least 6 instructors registered, the training will be cancelled and/or rescheduled. The instructor will be given the option to attend the next in-person training or attend the online webinar training. 

Standard training time is 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. EST
Month Dates Location
January 2016 19-21 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
February 2016 16-18 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
March 2016 15-17 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
April 2016 19-21 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
May 2016 10-12 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
June 2016 7-9 Mid-America Science Park Scottsburg, IN
July 2016 12-14 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
August 2016 16-18 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
September 2016 13-15 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
October 2016 18-20 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
November 2016 15-17 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN
December 2016 6-8 Mid-America Science Park  Scottsburg, IN


Monthly CPT Instructor Training Logistics

Location: Mid-America Science Park, (Scottsburg, IN)

Click here for directions to Mid-America Science Park.


Below are the hotels that are typically used by individuals who attend training sessions held at the Mid-America Science Park. When you call to make a reservation, mention that you are in town for training at the Mid-America Science Park to receive discounted rates..

Hampton Inn & Suites:
1535 West McClain Avenue,
Telephone: (812) 752-1999
Recommended Rates:
Standard 2 Double Beds: $74 plus taxes
Standard 2 Double Beds w/mini refrigerator: $81 plus taxes
King Bed: $81 plus taxes
2 Double Bed Suites or King Suites: $91 plus taxes

Holiday Inn Express:
200 Beechwood Drive
Telephone: (812)-752-0000
Recommended Rates:
Standard: $77 plus taxes
Suite: $99 plus taxes

Super 8 Motel:
1522 W. McClain
Telephone: (812) 752-2122
Recommended Rate:
$49.95 plus taxes


Remote Training

MSSC will send a master trainer at no additional cost to a training class in your region provided you have at least 6 or more instructor trainees per class setting.

To confirm and ensure successful delivery of the MSSC Remote Instructor Training, complete the Training Site Agreement Form and submit it two weeks prior to training session.

Training Site Requirements

  • Contact Person
  • Address
  • IT Contact Person
  • List of local hotel and eatery establishments,
  • Training Site Fees* – If applicable must be disclosed and agreed upon in advance of delivering training session. This may include refreshments, site facility fees, A/V Equipment, catering, etc.
  • Refreshments**

*If Training Site is secluded and not conducive to individuals leaving for lunch breaks the MSSC coordinator must be notified to facilitate catering. Catering arrangements must be disclosed, agreed upon and part of Training Site Fees.

**If not provided by facility must be covered in Training Site Fees or the MSSC coordinator must be notified so they can facilitate supply.

Training Room Requirements

  • Room Set-up – U-shape preferred for lecture and group participation – minimum capacity 10 individuals
  • Flipcharts, Chalkboard with chalk or Whiteboards with markers*
  • AV Equipment*: Computer, projector and screen with sound for presentations (includes any necessary extension cords, cables, screen, etc)
  • Must have high speed internet access
  • Minimum system specifications (see below)
  • Student Supplies* – pencil or pen, highlighter, note paper

*If materials are not available at Training Site they must be covered in the Training Site Fees or the MSSC coordinator must be notified so they can facilitate supply.

Computer Lab Requirements

  • Each student must have access to a computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Instructor has a presentation computer, projector, screen, and sound with Internet for demonstrations. Computer must have Microsoft Office PowerPoint program functional or ability for Master Trainer to connect their personal computer into onsite equipment.

For hardware and software requirements go to While viewing this page, if you don't already have the software installed, it should automatically install. But if for some reason they don't install, there are buttons provided at the bottom of the website page that will link you to the appropriate software websites.

Prior to training the MSSC coordinator will work with the site administrator or appropriate personnel to check each computer for “System Requirements” and access speed.